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Hummus, sun-dried tomatoes and capers pita sandwhich

I’ve been on a sun-dried tomatoes and capers kick lately. It all started with a baked avocado with blue cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and pancetta. Then they started showing up in salads (with fresh lettuce from the garden!) Today they snuck into a pita sandwich. When I say snuck, they more so rolled in like Panzers. Let’s face it, neither sun-dried tomatoes nor capers are subtle. The creaminess of the yogurt balances the explosions of flavor created by the capers and sun-dried tomatoes. If you have labneh, you might try using that. (I’m in the process of making labneh right now, actually, using some homemade yogurt. I’ll post about my yogurty exploits soon).


1 pita
1/4 c hummus
4 sun-dried tomatoes
1 T capers
1/4 c plain yogurt
Olive oil
Pepper to taste


Cut the pita in half and open it up. Spread the hummus evenly on the inside. Cut the sun-dried tomatoes into thin, 1/8″ strips. Sprinkle the tomatoes and capers so that they’re evenly distributed across the hummus. Drizzle a little olive oil and pepper over it. Finally, spread the yogurt over the top of it all.


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Pesto Portobello Sandwich Recipe

So… it was Saturday night, and Dave and I sat despairing in the kitchen. The pantry was full of the same stuff we always eat, and we were both tired of it. “Ugh,” he lamented. “I’m tired of the same meal every day!” I agreed.

Then the breakthrough happened. “Oh, I forgot I had this pesto,” he said. I suddenly remembered the baby portobellos I got at the grocery earlier that day. And we were off.

While I was sauteing the mushrooms and chopped onions in a bit of wine, Dave started toasting bread, then topping it with cheddar and sticking it under the broiler for a few minutes to melt the cheese. Once the bread was ready, we spread the pesto on the un-cheesed pieces, shoveled on the mushrooms, and topped them with mixed greens.

Two sandwiches each with a bunch of grapes between them on the plate… and we had a dinner fit for royalty.

It was freaking delicious.

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